Get to the heart of fleet efficiency.

The FleetPulse telematics insights platform delivers a steady beat of meaningful data from anywhere—right to you. Instantly, you have the critical trailer insights necessary to maintain a healthy fleet and grow your bottom line.

Transforming the trailer from a black box into a smart, strategic asset: FleetPulse.

Deeply rooted in the trucking industry, FleetPulse is focused on helping customers tap into the safety and efficiency improvements required to accelerate in the ever-evolving transportation and logistics industry.

Our open API approach and seamless integration of innovative hardware and data provides insights on maintenance, uptime, and safety. Leveraging an organized, constant flux of data on the FleetPulse platform, fleet managers are now equipped to proactively create a safer, smarter, and more sustainable future for freight—and spend more time focusing on other areas of their business.

One Platform. Many efficiencies.

Which solution is right for you?



GPS Location

A real-time window into your fleet’s location.

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ABS Fault Code Alerts

Proactive Insights for Safer Journeys

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Tire Inflation Monitoring

Monitor tire inflation for a smoother journey.

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Hub Rotation Mileage

More accurate than GPS alone.

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Light Out Detection

Efficient remote monitoring for seamless operations.

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Door Status

Real-time visibility and alerts for unplanned door events

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Cargo Status

Enhanced cargo sensing capabilities

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Rear Axle Weight

Optimized Performance Insights

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Tethered Status

Seamless Connectivity Insights for Streamlined Operations

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Reefer Monitoring and Control

Reefer visibility and control in the context of your entire fleet

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