Smarter Operations for Enhanced Trailer Efficiency

Employ the right equipment, at the right place, at the right time.

Maximize Trailer Utilization

Generate more revenue with every trailer at its fullest capacity.

Real-time Tracking

FleetPulse’s telematics insights deliver real-time location tracking via GPS, providing a full view of a trailer’s exact location. This enables prompt responses to delivery inquiries and identifies new possibilities to optimize route schedules.

Route Optimization

FleetPulse analyzes route data and delivers intelligence to inform the most efficient trailer routes, minimize fuel consumption, reduce transit times, and bring more productivity to your fleet.

Capacity Management

Cargo weight and distribution data are delivered to inform if trailer assets are loaded to their maximum capacity without exceeding weight limits. Or, whether or not trailers are loaded at all. This key information ensures safer loads at an optimized capacity.

Preventative Maintenance

Working together, FleetPulse sensors bring comprehensive data to report on usage patterns and equipment condition. This enables proactive maintenance to prevent breakdowns, costly repairs, safety violations. Ultimately, assets run at optimal potential and stay on the road longer.