About FleetPulse

Where extensive trailer know-how and world-class telematics intersect.

FleetPulse™ is the leading trailer telematics company that enables end-to-end visibility into trailer safety and cargo security, serving customers with OEM-agnostic wired and aftermarket telematics offerings.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, FleetPulse combines deep roots in the trucking industry with expert tech talent and offers telematics solutions across a comprehensive portfolio of devices, from hard-wired, OEM-installed sensors to easy-to-install aftermarket sensors and cargo cameras. Data collected directly from the trailer’s sensors and components enables real-time, proprietary strategic insights via a digital dashboard to increase utilization, enhance safety, and reduce maintenance costs.

With the industry’s renewed focus on the trailer as a strategic asset, the FleetPulse portfolio positions customers to expedite success through new efficiencies across their fleets.

In the News

May 8, 2024

FleetPulse Announces Seed Funding and Carl-Christoph “CCR” Reckers Joins as CEO

Carl-Christoph Reckers, FleetPulse CEO

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Our History

2016 – 2018

The FleetPulse journey begins. An industry-leading trailer OEM identified a critical need for a telematics solution that approached transportation challenges differently and with “an insider’s point-of-view”.


Great Dane releases the FleetPulse Platform, anchored by their core wired offering, FleetPulse PRO.


The FleetPulse platform expands into the aftermarket space with FleetPulseGo. This is the beginning of serving the market with trailer-agnostic solutions.


FleetPulse Base becomes a standard offering on all Great Dane trailers, at no additional cost to the customer.

November 2023

FleetPulse becomes an independent telematics company. This enables exclusive focus on telematics to improve the customer experience and fully lean into transforming the trailer into a strategic asset.

May 8, 2024

FleetPulse announces an $11M capital raise and Carl-Christoph “CCR” Reckers joins as CEO.