Insights into Fleet-Wide Utilization

Reduce waste in the system for streamlined operations and enhanced safety.

Tap into the force of an optimized fleet.

Find Assets Fast

There is no such thing as a lost trailer with FleetPulse. Whether in the yard, on the road, or at a customer site, FleetPulse locates a trailer in seconds with pinpoint accuracy and provides important health status information in real time.

Route Optimization

FleetPulse delivers fleet-wide reporting, highlighting usage patterns and trends to help optimize your fleet. This provides the actionable insights necessary to optimize routes, add more value to every mile, and keep assets performing safely and for a longer period of time.

Reefer Insights

Cold-chain compliance and food integrity are key when it comes to sensitive cargo. FleetPulse’s timely data brings the insights required for optimized temperature control–minimizing food spoilage and waste–reduced fuel, spend and a more sustainable carbon footprint.