Uninterrupted Visibility for Asset and Cargo Integrity

Detect, deter, and prevent cargo loss from theft, tampering, or damage.

Security & Load Integrity

Protect your bottom line.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain complete control over fleet security with FleetPulse’s real-time location tracking. Whether trailers are on the move or at rest, the system keeps you informed. Instant alerts for any unexpected movements or deviations, enables swift and decisive responses to potential security threats.


FleetPulseā€™s geofencing capabilities provide the ability to define virtual perimeters. Any breach of predefined areas triggers immediate alerts, helping prevent unauthorized access and ensuring cargo stays on the right path.

Safe & Secure Transport

Multiple safety features ensure assets hit the road free of issues that could result in a CSA violation, a costly roadside repair, or worse. As trailers move, FleetPulse streams in real-time fleet visibility, aiding in on-schedule transport and quick identification and response to issues as they occur.

Load Integrity

Integrated door sensors and cargo imaging capabilities protect assets and ensure load integrity. The door sensors provide real-time insights, instantly alerting of any unauthorized access attempts. Cargo imaging notifies of changes to load integrity or status before a trailer leaves the yard and while in transit.