FleetPulse Telematics
Insights Platform

Regardless of fleet size, trailer OEMs, or the challenge at hand, the FleetPulse platform delivers:

Customer-centric Design to Deliver Immediate Value





One Platform. Many efficiencies.

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FleetPulse PRO



GPS Location

A real-time window into your fleet’s location.

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ABS Fault Code Alerts

Proactive Insights for Safer Journeys

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Tire Inflation Monitoring

Monitor tire inflation for a smoother journey.

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Hub Rotation Mileage

More accurate than GPS alone.

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Light Out Detection

Efficient remote monitoring for seamless operations.

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Door Status

Real-time visibility and alerts for unplanned door events

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Cargo Status

Enhanced cargo sensing capabilities

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Rear Axle Weight

Optimized Performance Insights

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Tethered Status

Seamless Connectivity Insights for Streamlined Operations

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Reefer Monitoring and Control

Reefer visibility and control in the context of your entire fleet

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