GPS Location

A real-time window into trailer asset location.

Follow Your Fleet

Follow your fleet with 4G LTE transmission and easily search for individual trailers as needed. Quickly respond to customer ETA inquiries and ensure deliveries occur as scheduled.

Continuous Tracking

Follow your fleet with 4G LTE transmission and easily search for individual trailers as needed. Quickly respond to customer ETA inquiries and ensure deliveries occur as scheduled.

Greater Uptime and Optimization

GPS tracking supports enhanced visibility, efficiency, and security for all fleet assets. From faster trailer identification in the yard to automated inventory reports and custom geofences, fleets benefit from more uptime and greater trailer optimization.

ABS Fault Code Alerts

Proactive brake insights for a safer journey.

Beyond the Amber Lamp

Swift Troubleshooting Guidance

Preventive Insights

Tire Inflation Monitoring

TIS monitoring for a smoother and safer haul.

Smart Alerts for Tire Inflation System Issues

FleetPulse puts you in control of your fleet’s health. Receive timely alerts when Tire Inflation System (TIS) activity becomes excessive or unusual, alerting you of a maintenance priority or potentially critical issue. With FleetPulse, you can avoid costly roadside repairs by addressing potential issues before they escalate.

Efficient Maintenance Planning

Fleet Managers look to the Tire Inflation System monitoring feature to help stay ahead of unplanned maintenance. By receiving real-time alerts on TIS, FleetPulse enables efficient maintenance planning, ensuring smoother operations and minimizing costly disruptions.

Keeping Things Rolling

FleetPulse makes saving money on tires simple. Reduce the risk of OOS violations and CSA points with constant TIS monitoring.

Hub Rotation Mileage

Precise data for mileage and use of trailing asset.

Precise Hub Rotation Mileage Tracking

Data-driven Fleet Management and Efficiency

Light Out Detection

Rapid, remote light monitoring for quick issue resolution.

Rapid Identification of Light Out Issues

Lights Out Detection lets you remotely identify and address one of the most common violations. Swiftly detect and resolve light out issues, ensuring compliance and minimizing downtime.

Preventing Unplanned Delays

FleetPulse’s Light Out Detection enables proactive monitoring, empowering you to identify and rectify potential enforcement violations efficiently. Keep your trailers operational without unexpected interruptions.

Effortless Highway Compliance

Simplify your regulatory compliance with FleetPulse. Our Light Out Detection feature streamlines the process of identifying and resolving common violations, providing you with the tools to ensure a seamless and compliant operation.

Door Status

Real-time visibility and alerts for unplanned door events.

Real-time Cargo Access Activity

Geofencing for Added Awareness

Proactive Response to Unauthorized Access

Cargo Status

Continual insights into freight status and cargo integrity.

Fleet Tracking and Cargo Loading Security

Enhanced cargo visibility using an ultrasonic sensor for accurate and consistent understanding of load status and integrity.  The solution works in any lighting condition, unlike other ultrasonic-based cargo sensors that fail to deliver accurate capacity and usage data. Get real-time, event-driven, and historical status of trailers, providing fleet managers with an enhanced decision-making tool.

Tailored Alerts for Cargo Security

FleetPulse doesn’t just provide data; it empowers you with actionable insights. Cargo Status offers visibility into load activity and the safety of your cargo. Be confident in the location, status, and security of your valuable shipments.

Rear Axle Weight

Immediate visibility into load status and weight.

Real-time Visibility of Rear Axle Weight

Actual Loaded Miles Traveled Visibility

Optimized Maintenance Programs

Tethered Status

Seamless tractor-to-trailer connectivity insights.

Real-time Notifications on Tethered Status

FleetPulse’s Tethered Status feature keeps you informed with real-time notifications when your trailer is connected and powered by the tractor. Stay on top of your operational connectivity, including the duration of tethering, for optimized fleet management and enhanced efficiency.

Reduced Dwell Time with Tethered Monitoring

Efficiently reduce dwell time by leveraging FleetPulse’s Tethered Status feature. Easily identify and locate trailers untethered for extended periods, allowing you to take swift action. Understand each trailer type, track the last trip, and address road-readiness issues with precision.

Strategic Insights for Operational Optimization

FleetPulse provides strategic insights for operational optimization. Monitor tethered and untethered status to gain a comprehensive understanding of each trailer’s connectivity, last trip details, and road-readiness issues. Empower your team to make informed data-driven decisions and streamline day-to-day operations.

Reefer Monitoring and Control

Reefer visibility and control in the context of your entire fleet.

Single Pane of Glass for Reefer Control and Fleet Management

Automated Pre-Cooling for Sustainable Operations

Invaluable Telematics for Continuous Oversight