Tech-enabled Safety Intelligence

Leverage FleetPulse’s data and insights to keep roads and assets safe and maintain compliance standards.

Improved Safety & Compliance

Proactively mitigate risk.

Tire Inflation Monitoring

The FleetPulse TIS enhances safety with real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, enabling early detection of issues and promoting preventive maintenance. This optimizes fuel efficiency, improves vehicle stability, extends tire life, and aids in compliance with safety regulations.

Brake Performance

FleetPulse brake sensors immediately relay detected issues such as brake wear or malfunctions. In addition, ongoing monitoring and analysis uncovers patterns or trends to enable preemptive actions to optimize performance and safety. This allows for prompt maintenance or repairs, reducing the risk of brake-related accidents.

Beyond the Amber Light

FleetPulse light sensors deliver detailed fault codes and alerts to inform preventative action to ensure all lights are functioning properly. Thus, fleets are equipped with the data required to reduce CSA citations, out-of-service violations, safety hazards, and roadside events.